Doughnut Digest: Moonshine Doughnuts Review

Part 2/4 of our aptly named four part series, Doughnut Digest will elaborate on the city’s most hyped donut establishments. In the lineup are Doughnut Party, Moonshine Doughnuts, Destination Donuts, and Ohana Donuterie. Please be advised that as always my opinions are highly unprofessional.

As the big sister to Doughnut Party, Moonshine Doughnuts never ceases to amaze and continues to grace us with their presence at farmers markets here in Edmonton. They also finally have a permanent location at RASS (Retail as a Service) in West Edmonton Mall. As a quick aside, RASS is a micro mall that has become a permanent pop-up in WEM. It houses a variety of local businesses, and is reminiscent of a high-end indoor farmers market. The booth’s are small, but are a great opportunity to showcase local products to a greater audience. While it is currently undergoing renovations, Moonshine/Doughnut Party remain open, so you can still stop by and enjoy.

To be expected, the icing on these doughnuts is very similar to that of DP’s – sister companies with tried and true recipes aren’t going to fuck with much. The biggest difference is the density of the doughnut itself. Comparatively, Moonshine and Doughnut Party are on completely different ends of the spectrum. If Doughnut Party has nailed the light donut, Moonshine has taken the thicker doughnut to new heights.

I’m intrigued by Moonshine as I feel as though the doughnut actually ranges in its make-up. I’ve had some that are just like thick donuts, and others that are basically mini cakes under the guise of a donut…count me in. Of course, I have no complains about either, however, I certainly have a preference. The mini-cake version was a life altering experience I recently had thanks to their chocolate lava cake flavour. Epically sweet, but not aggressively so. I’ve eaten half a box of DP doughnuts, and tapped out after one Moonshine doughnut before. I would say this is their only downfall, and I think this is because Moonshine often flavours the donut, but DP leaves the base flavour untouched or subtle.

I truly believe Moonshine is meant to be in farmers markets. They’re different – too different to be mainstream, but too good to be overlooked. These are not your run of the mill donuts that are jammed into your face after crushing shitty coffee and downing a breakfast sandwich at the ass crack of dawn on a road trip while your passenger, who promised to stay awake with you is now passed out and snoring so loud you can’t hear the fucking radio. Shit, these are the kinds of donuts that same passenger ought to buy you after they wake up while you’re pulling into a rest stop in the green fields of buttfuck nowhere after they’ve taken a two hour nap and shown the most piss poor display of camaraderie and friendship the world has ever seen. And even though your dumbfuck of a friend forgot the rules at outlined in the friend code of conduct and practically bailed on you when you needed them the most, this person is still your good buddy. They’re with you through thick and thin, just like Moonshine and Doughnut Party.

Still, good donuts are better than bad friends, so get out there and eat your loneliness away.

Hunger: 1

Portion size: 3

Deliciousness: 8.1

Drunk n disorderly: 0

Overall: 8.0

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