Doughnut Digest: Destination Donuts Review

Part 3/4 of our aptly named four part series, Doughnut Digest will elaborate on the city’s most hyped donut establishments. In the lineup are Doughnut Party, Moonshine Doughnuts, Destination Donuts, and Ohana Donuterie. Please be advised that as always my opinions are highly unprofessional.

A new specialty bakery on 124th Street in Edmonton, Destination Donuts brings their own piece of the pie to the doughnut game. Heh.  

Do-nut get me wrong (okay I’m done), it’s not like I haven’t had a good doughnut in this city before. We already have our resident heavy hitters Doughnut Party and Moonshine Doughnuts monopolizing the market. So why Destination Donuts?

Let’s start with location. 124th Street is quickly becoming a hub for local, unique businesses, and a location like this makes them super accessible. In terms of quality, DD is holding its own. They’re well put together, and more importantly, unique. The donut itself is not as light as a DP doughnut, and not as dense as a Moonshine doughnut. The toppings differ in that these donuts are stuffed or stacked to the nines. With options like the Triple Play (dark chocolate with salted Ruffles and Hickory Sticks drizzled with caramel) and the Canadiana (maple glaze with candied walnuts), they offer a taste of their own.

The fun thing that DD delivers on that DP and Moonshine do-nut (okay now I’m actually done) are their mini doughnuts, called nibblers. You can pick up 5 for somewhere along the lines of $6. They rotate their flavours through the nibblers too, and actually offer more than 4 or 6 flavours per day, typical to Moonshine and DP, respectively. I believe they offered 10+ flavours, including a different flavour for the nibblers. As for the price point, it’s comparable to a half dozen at DP. Unfortunately, I didn’t really know what to expect as I was headed to the store for the first time. I appreciate that DP often takes the time to post the days flavours, or updates on any new flavours. When I was headed to DD after taking a look at their Instagram, I felt as though I was going in blind.

My problem with Destination is that it just feels…unfinished. The DD flavours are good, but it’s as though there is something left to be said. The majority of the establishment is bare boned. Sure there are donuts, there’s coffee, and there’s somewhere to sit…but it’s not done. The place is hardly branded; take the coffee cups for example. The only reason I know I’m at Destination is because of the box they gave me and the sign outside. There’s also nothing on the walls; they’re a pale green, while the branded box is black and gold – the sign outside is simply a neon light. Nothing pulls the place together.

Right now, it feels as though Destination Doughnuts is going for quantity over quality. It’s a new joint, and honestly, I would cut it a little slack. I’m sure that over time, they’ll begin to refine their flavours and settle into the market. Still, just like a certain person near and dear to me might say: “I would fuck with this place”. And I agree. It’s pretty good.

Hunger: 1

Portion size: 4.2

Deliciousness: 7.0

Drunk n disorderly: 0

Overall: 7.0

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