Doughnut Digest: Doughnut Party Review

Part 1/4 of our aptly named four part series, Doughnut Digest will elaborate on the city’s most hyped donut establishments. In the lineup are Doughnut Party, Moonshine Doughnuts, Destination Donuts, and Ohana Donuterie. Please be advised that as always my opinions are highly unprofessional.

Doughnut Party has upped the Edmonton donut scene. Although a little off the beaten path, their IG game is exceptionally strong, and you’ve probably at least seen their bright pink boxes floating around. With endearing shirts that write “I ❤ DP”, the simple shop front is quirky and lovable, and the donuts speak for themselves.

DP has built an empire of loyal donut lovers that visit often to try new flavours. As a disciple of the weekly religious pilgrimage, I can attest to their continued quality and success. The flavours range from simple (birthday cake) to lavish (banana pineapple caramel fritter, anyone?) and I’ve heard nothing but good things (except for the everything bagel imitation donut they put out a while back. Bit of a leap.)

They’ve certainly nailed the light donut. It’s fluffy enough to be easy eating, but large enough to be satisfying. They’ve even done an excellent job of adapting their donut recipe to a thicker fritter. Made in small batches, these donuts are always fresh. The frosting is also unlike your typical preconceived notions…the flavour doesn’t slap you in the face. It’s subtle, sensual, and sweet…exactly how I would describe DP in any given circumstance.

The icing on the donut is just how nice the staff is. I had stopped in recently to pick up a half dozen, and ordered two of the last three cinnamon twists on the tray. Rather than leave the last twist all by its lonesome, the sweet lady behind the counter gifted me the last one. It’s gestures like this that make you want to keep coming back to punish your waistline.

Party on DP. Party on.

Hunger: 1

Portion size: 4

Deliciousness: 8.3

Drunk n disorderly: 0-2

Overall: 8.2

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