Monument Coffee Bar Review

Update: Unfortunately, Monument Coffee Bar has now closed.

Enter Monument Coffee Bar, the modern sister of Block 1912. Right in the heart of downtown Edmonton, Monument offers the same delicious selection of drinks that its older sister does, as well as an array of local fare ranging from baked treats to sandwiches.

I love the vibe here. It combines modern, natural decor with blue velveteen chairs and wooden tables, making for a uniquely appealing aesthetic interior. Two of the walls are entirely windows and rather than setting the baristas back into a corner, the coffee bar and food are centre stage. I like this placement as it allows for better use of floor space in the surrounding area, and none of the tables seem cluttered. The look is tasteful, as are those who frequent it. It seems to have become a hub for casual business meetings and other well dressed folk, and comes off as far more polished compared to its sister Block 1912.

This isn’t to say that Block 1912 doesn’t have quality fare. In fact, Monument and Block 1912 offer similar drink menus, but Monument’s menu has a slight bias towards coffee, particularly with their cold drinks. I’ve been on a bit of a tea kick lately as it’s cozy and the weather has been fucking frigid over the past little while, so I ordered a London Fog along with a Strawberry Lemon Cookie Sandwich from Milk & Cookies Bake Shop. The London Fog was, as always, monumental (HAAAAAAA) and if you haven’t already spent an afternoon here with one of their drinks, you’re wasting your already sad life.

Monument rounds out it’s menu with a well chosen selection of local food. Milk & Cookies Bake Shop does not currently have a storefront of its own, though their presence at Monument is welcomed. I’ve ordered the cookie sandwich both visits, and to say that it’s good would be an understatement; it is truly something to behold. While I won’t divulge a full review of Milk & Cookies, I believe I have spotted the owner Rachelle at farmers markets around the city in addition to her residency at Monument. Do check her out, I can assure you that you won’t regret it.

My lovely date had also picked up a delectable red velvet brownie upon our first visit, and I can attest to this gratifying combination. We ordered lunch as well, mine consisting of a chicken thigh sandwich and his consisting of a quiche, both of which were delightful. Each was well portioned and large enough to be filling. They both felt as though they were home cooked meals, which is something I really love. I’m tired of dicking around in chain restaurants with meals that feel like they’ve come straight off a conveyor belt. Big ups to Edmonton for finally getting off its ass and welcoming in some individually owned eateries that can produce damn good food…or at the very least, house it until we get around to eating it.

Hunger: 3

Portion size: 3

Deliciousness: 8

Drunk n disorderly: 0

Overall: 8.3

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