The Next Act Review

*disclaimer* by the time I had gotten to this meal, I had a) had some drinks with a few chemistry buddies, b) made a liquor store run, and c) finished the contents of the liquor store run. I also had 4 or 5 drinks at the restaurant itself. I will say as skewed as my most recent visit to this place may have been, I have been to The Next Act and Meat many a time prior and swear by the food at both places. My dinner date was sober at the time of tasting my meal, and also fully supports my drunk opinion of it.

Fun fact, this restaurant visit is actually what lead me to develop the drunk and disorderly rating. There is arguably nothing more delicious than food when you are hungry and drunk, and I can understand how this might skew a review.

The Next Act, as well as MEAT, and their newest addition Pip are all owned and operated in one block by the same group who obviously stand for quality fare. They have a well rounded drink menu hailing local craft beer. The food menu, while seemingly small, can do no wrong. In collaboration with MEAT, the brisket donair and the rest of the food that speedily entered my stomach this fine November night in Edmonton, were born. The portion was precisely what I needed for the condition I was in at the time. The meat was delicious. I’m a sucker for brisket, and combining MEAT’s brisket with sweet donair sauce was an excellent idea, kudos to the chef. The vegetables were wonderfully fresh, and the naan bread that hugged this enticing combination of ingredients was still warm. Not only do people want to be wined and dined by their partners, but we also want to feel as if the restaurant itself is treating us right. The Next Act does an excellent job of making you feel wined and dined…unfortunately though, your date will have to provide the “69’d”. It’s not a full service bar.

Another salute to this place is that every time I’ve attempted to eat here, it’s been overflowing with people. It’s not the biggest venue anyways, and the tables are packed tight, but there is always a crowd. This often leads to an upbeat, albeit loud, atmosphere. As a result of the volume of people, service can be a little spotty, something I’ve experienced the few times I’ve been here. Also, there’s just something that feels off about not offering daily specials, drink or otherwise. They do however offer a new specialty burger each week, and rotate their menu often, which keeps them fresh. While you can’t expect any deals on fare at this place, The Next Act has been open for 25 years and continues to pull huge crowds. It’s a local hub…they’re obviously doing something right.

Hunger: 7

Portion size: 4

Deliciousness: 8

Drunk n disorderly: ?!&@

Overall: 8.2

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