Under The High Wheel Review

Under The High Wheel is somewhat of a hidden gem nestled behind Da Capo on the ground floor of the Roots building on Whyte ave in Edmonton, boasting wood tables, walls adorned with woven red tapestries, and metal chairs that don’t fit my ass if I sit all the way back.

And that’s not all they have to offer. UTHW knows what it means to pay attention to the details. An iconic penny-farthing bicycle hangs from the ceiling while first-rate food is served below. The food is well-prepared and comes out quickly after you order. Bonus: it’s also rather aesthetically pleasing. The location is on the smaller side of things, though it’s a rare occasion that the establishment is quiet as its rapport continues to grow.

Rest assured that despite what both the establishment and menu are lacking in size, they make up for with vigour. In each mouthful, you can taste the quality of the fresh, locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. You’ll never leave unsatisfied (and you’ll always want to come back for more).

In fact, there was not a moment prior to this in YEG that I have wanted to revisit a brunch menu thanks to their eggs – I am excited to announce this is no longer the case. When I ordered the traditional breakfast, I had ordered it with scrambled eggs (which I believe are a good way to determine the quality of the eggs without being forced to suffer through eggs that may otherwise be unbearable). I was pleasantly surprised with scrambled eggs that weren’t yellow, but far closer to orange, with the farm fresh taste being evident.

Their other standout menu item would have to be the chantilly cream, placed generously atop waffles and desserts. As I am the kind of individual who will drink whipping cream if given the option, the chantilly cream was literally the best possible addition to my meal. The whipped texture and vanilla bean flavour are unrivalled by anything I’ve had on any menu so far in this city, but still came second to my favourite creamy thing that had already been in my mouth that morning. If you want to get away with having dessert for breakfast, I would wholeheartedly recommend this combination of a huge Belgian waffle topped with a fruit medley, chantilly cream and a touch of a mixed berry compote. 

Look no further than Under The High Wheel if your hangover is particularly spectacular this weekend. Unlike the person you woke up next to this morning, you won’t regret this decision.

Hunger: 8

Portion size: 4

Deliciousness: 9.1

Drunk n disorderly: 0


Overall: 8.99

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