The Holy Roller Review

The atmosphere can only be described as sensual at The Holy Roller. The average age of those who frequent it rests somewhere in the early 30’s. Everyone is well dressed and the atmosphere is intimate. Despite being in Edmonton, AB, it kind of reminds me of European clubs, with its haunting blue light, wood features, and repurposed rebar. The light, along with the hushed atmosphere lowers inhibitions – I felt at ease while I was there, but also exalted.

The front entrance has a club like setting with a busy bar area, forcing you to mingle with the crowd. The implied familiarity with those you’re surrounded with is not uncomfortable, but rather, inviting. The conversation is loud, but doesn’t seep into the back area which hosts more restaurant style seating. The separation is nice and adds depth to the establishment. The tables in the back are spaced far enough apart to create opportunity for tantalizing conversation privy only to those seated at your table, and perhaps the occasional person that walks by.

Thus, it was only fitting that my date, in addition to my food, was delectable. Detroit deep-dish calls for an inch thick pizza that’s crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I paired my classic pepperoni with a Late Riser, and was pleasantly surprised  – the silkiness of the cold brew in the drink perfectly offset the tomato sauce. I also had the opportunity to try the chicken and herb potato pizza which was also to die for, as it had a wonderfully creamy alfredo base.

While I’m happy to say the pizza was everything it was chalked up to be, the real treat of the night was dessert as the head chef is also a chocolatiere. We ordered an Esfera, a chocolate sphere surrounding vanilla biscuit, mascarpone, fresh strawberries, and pecans that was literally so good it almost brought me to my knees for the second time that night. As if I needed the help of an aphrodisiac…


Hunger: 7

Portion size: 3.5

Deliciousness: 8.8

Drunk n disorderly: 0-1


Overall: 8.7

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