Doughnut Digest

Our aptly named four part series, Doughnut Digest, will elaborate on the city’s most hyped donut establishments. In the lineup are Doughnut Party, Moonshine Doughnuts, Destination Donuts, and Ohana Donuterie. Please be advised that as always my opinions are highly unprofessional.

Doughnut Party: [T]he flavour doesn’t slap you in the face. It’s subtle, sensual, and sweet…exactly how I would describe DP in any given circumstance.

Moonshine Doughnuts: These are not your run of the mill donuts that are jammed into your face after crushing shitty coffee […]

Destination Donuts: “I would fuck with this place.”

Ohana Donuterie: [I]f given the choice between two of the exact same donut of which one has sprinkles and one does not, you’re fucking lying to yourself if you’re telling me you’d pick the unsprinkled one.