Honolulu Cookie Company Review

A person near and dear to my heart recently took a trip to Hawaii and brought me back some of these cookies. What’s dope is that Honolulu Cookie Company has combined two of my all time favourite things: pineapples and shortbread! The other neat thing I discovered after a little digging is that a lot of their production process is actually still done by hand, which I think adds the tender loving care aspect that a lot of mass produced cookies are missing. This artisan factor is evident when it comes to their presentation and packaging, so even before eating them I was pretty excited. They do say you eat with your eyes, but personally I eat with my mouth.

The love child in a relationship of two flavours I’m typically averse to, Dark Chocolate Kona Coffee definitely exceeded my (albeit, low) expectations. I was curious about how the cookie would taste by itself, so tried some of the top first, sans chocolate. It ended up being heavy on the coffee flavour, actually tasting quite bitter. I was a little apprehensive following my first bite, as dark chocolate has a tendency to be bitter as well, but the dark chocolate coating ended up doing an excellent job of taking just enough of the edge off so that you could really end up enjoying both flavours. While it still didn’t end up being my favourite of the three, I was definitely impressed and would absolutely eat it again. 

Next came what I like to consider the real test. Since growing up in England, I consider myself fairly picky when it comes to shortbread. Most notably is the texture, which needs to perfectly balance crumbly and buttery. I think it’s hard to top the classics, after all, there’s a reason they’re the classics. Given that these cookies are made with a macadamia nut base, I was curious to see how Honolulu Cookie Company stacked up when it came to “regular old shortbread”. I was surprised, nay, astounded, by the way the Butter Macadamia fell to pieces in my mouth. While I was sad to say it wasn’t topped with those perfect pieces of granulated sugar adding an almost indistinguishable crunch to the texture, the cookie itself was nothing short of delectable. They say nothing in life is perfect, but this cookie has got to be pretty close. 

Maintaining the integrity of everything I know and love about the Butter Macadamia, Guava blew me away. Not only was the texture and butteriness of the cookies still spot on, but the perfect amount of guava flavouring was captured. By this I mean, have you ever had a flavoured version of an original product and thought to yourself, you’re trying a little too hard? This wasn’t the case with Guava. This flavour actually got me excited to try the other tropical flavours Honolulu Cookie Company has in their line up. Lastly, did I mention the cookIE ITSELF IS PINK?! Case closed. 

If at this point you’re thinking, “Well damn Vic, now you’ve given me a hankering for these pineapple-shaped cookies but they’re a world away!” then fear not. You’re able to order these bad boys directly to your front doorstep – just not right now. HCC is doing their part and has currently suspended all business in order to keep customers and team members safe from COVID-19. 

In short, Honolulu Cookie Company is not only a socially responsible company, but a social service. If you need a cookie that will make you smile just by looking at it (it’s in a pineapple shape for fuck sakes, if that doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will), and also tastes as good as it looks, then you’ve come to the right place. 


Hunger: 1

Portion size: 1

Deliciousness: 9.0

Drunk n disorderly: 0


Overall: 8.8


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