Travel Edition: Creekside Coffee Factory Review

I’ll start this piece with a little disclaimer: I’m always a little wary of new craft coffee places. There is a tendency for their brew to have acidic, bitter notes, which can be hit or miss. Don’t get me wrong, I have a wide, far-reaching love for many types of coffee, in the same way I enjoy IPAs as much as the next girl, but on occasion you’ll come across one that’s so hoppy it’s just too much. The same can be said about coffee.

While we were only in Coquitlam for a week, it was imperative to cover as much local food as possible. Chain restaurants most certainly have their place (if you like bland and predictable), but I love that local food offers something unique. That being said, unique doesn’t necessarily mean better. I’m happy to announce that Creekside was nothing like some of the shitty craft coffee places that have appeared on the scene. Despite the unremarkable exterior (it’s set in a newer looking plaza) the interior oozes with character. It features a mid-to-dark wood panel interior made up of benches, seats that swallow you whole (just like you wish your girlfriend would), and a decorative vintage looking coffee roaster. They also had a well placed lamppost that looked like it was straight out of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (if you don’t get the reference, seriously, read a book. C.S Lewis wrote classics).

I can attest to the quality of their coffee as a result of one thing – their cappuccino. Cappuccinos are a great litmus test when it comes to trying new coffee places, as the quality of the roast is evident, but it usually isn’t such a large drink you’re stuck downing something you don’t like. At Creekside, I was amazed by what easy drinking the coffee was, and how enormous their drinks were. The baristas, talented that they are, did an excellent job of balancing the foam to liquid ratio in their cups, no matter what the size. I took one to go one day and the ratio was still spot on. A seemingly undervalued component, the foam is a large part of my attraction to cappuccinos. Too much or too little throws off the delicate balance of the drink, and I’ve almost never had the issue of there being too much foam. In reality, if I didn’t want a large quantity of foam I would’ve just ordered a latte and been done with it. Long story short: baristas of the world, stop fucking up my foam.

That said, thanks to Creekside in Coquitlam I now know what my ideal cappuccino looks like, and it was made to order daily. Their large mugs were MASSIVE, which was wonderful because I absolutely love volume when it comes to the drink itself, but this also left ample room for a generous amount of milk foam. The other important aspect of the foam itself was that it was still had a creamy taste – I am always appalled when the foam tastes as though it’s been made with water. Many “quality” chains seem to struggle with this, e.g. Starbucks. Point being that, fuck, if I could make a cappuccino this good I’d be making it in volumes too. Their food across the board was also bar none. Their Addiction Bar was exactly as described (addictive), and their scones were literally to die for. I simply had to get their lemon cranberry scone twice, and the portions, similar to the coffee, are VERY generous, like the lover you’ve never had. A wonderful touch is that they kept the butter for their treats at room temperature, making it spreadable without it tearing your baked good apart.

Something I rarely mention in my reviews is the price point, because let’s be honest, shit’s expensive. Creekside’s price is actually on the lower end of many coffee places I’ve been, with far more value for money. The combination of the sheer size of what was being served paired with the sheer perfection of their food make Creekside a force to be reckoned with. If you think I’m exaggerating when I say I’d considered moving to Coquitlam so that they could be my go to coffee shop, you’d be wrong.

When all’s said and done, Creekside simply blew me away. Thank you for showing me that my hopes of one day having a cappuccino that lived up to my expectations could actually be a reality. Coquitlam is a far better place for having you.

Hunger: 3

Portion size: 5

Deliciousness: 9

Drunk n disorderly: 0

Overall: 9.0

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