Crum Coffee Bar Review

Crum Coffee Bar: locally owned by sisters Mila and Christine, this place continues to be one of my favourite places to go for coffee in Edmonton. Modern, well lit, and trendy, this gem just off of Calgary Trail deserves far more attention than it’s already received.

The vibe of the place is beautifully modern, and clean but not clinical. They’ve offset all of the white with wooden accented chairs and bar stools to give it a comfortable feel, and the music is pleasant but never overbearing. Two walls of windows keep the place bright, even in the winter, and they’ve stocked quality home brewing related products for your convenience as well. They’ve also placed purchasable art on the walls, which I think is a great touch, and keeps the interior interesting and always evolving.

A place like this teaches a girl that bigger doesn’t always mean better. While their space is on the smaller side, their menu packs a punch. Similar to other aspects of my life, there isn’t much I haven’t tried at this point, although most notably might be the hot chocolate (surprising, since it’s made with Bernard Callebaut). The problem was that I had no interest in trying anything new after I fell head over heels for their London Fog. The perfectly balanced London Fog paired with the honey cake has been my favourite comfort food for the past eight months, and the honey cake itself has actually become my number one dessert; a coveted spot on the list, and yet, nothing else stacks up. This is the perfect blend of honey dough, an insatiably smooth, creamy caramel, and Czech liqueur. If you think I’m overstating how delicious this thing is, let me politely inform you that their own brother used this as his wedding cake. That. Fucking. Good.

This isn’t to say that the rest of the menu items are lacking, in fact, it’s the complete opposite. The quality at Crum is undeniable. These ladies have excellent taste, literally, because all of their delicious food items are hand picked. Not only connoisseurs of coffee, they’re environmentally conscious as well. They’ve brought in metal straws, as well as branded reusable coffee cups, mugs, and tumblers. Health conscious? They’ve got you covered there as well, with lower calorie alternatives like an almond milk freddo (which I personally think is better than the original) as well as locally made pairings that are delicious and keep your waistline in mind even when you might not be. The sweet potato frosting on their “You’ll Go Bananas” muffin by Food in the Nüd is deceptive and ridiculously good; you’ll swear you were just eating chocolate frosting.

Finally, one of my favourite things about the place is the owners themselves. These ladies are girl bosses, and some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. They’ve remembered who I am ever since the first time my boyfriend and I stopped by, and always manage to make my day brighter. They treat their regulars like family here, once generously gifting me with a London Fog in the dead of winter, which warmed me from the inside out faster than Fireball ever will. Those who always order the same are asked if they want their “regular”, and the thoughtfulness of this sort of gesture really speaks to how they value their clientele.

In all aspects, Crum screams “nothing but the best for our customers”. It’s no question then why so many people are hooked, myself included.

Hunger: varied 1-8

Portion size: Drinks (based on large): 3.5, Food: 2

Deliciousness: 8.7

Drunk n disorderly: 0

Overall: 8.7

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