Doughnut Digest: Ohana Donuterie Review

Part 4/4 of our aptly named four part series, Doughnut Digest will elaborate on the city’s most hyped donut establishments. In the lineup are Doughnut Party, Moonshine Doughnuts, Destination Donuts, and Ohana Donuterie. Please be advised that as always my opinions are highly unprofessional.

Opening their storefront in late December 2017, Ohana is already rivalling Edmonton’s current big shots. Prior to opening their store, Ohana operated out of a food truck in the city. I was torn up about the fact that I would have to wait until spring of this year just to try their donuts, when to my surprise and delight they opened a permanent location.

Malasada doughnuts have taken Hawaii (and now Edmonton) by storm, but they actually originate from the Portuguese. The etymology of malasada’s are a reference to how “poor” or “undercooked” they are, but there’s nothing wrong with how these doughnuts are cooked. In fact, they’re exceptionally light, despite being deep fried, as a result of the egg to flour ratio. My trending observation that Ohana also falls victim to is the lack of good coffee with respect to the doughnut establishments in the city. Doughnut Party stocks Ace Coffee, which I don’t personally have an affinity for, at least judging from my experience with it at DP. The coffee at Destination also wasn’t anything special. The coffee at Ohana is unobtrusive. It doesn’t necessarily “enhance” the donuts, but doesn’t take anything away from them either. I’ve worked through most areas of the drink menu, trying brew coffee, a cappuccino, a chai latte, steamed milk, and even their macadamia nut macchiato. Personally I didn’t think that any of their drinks were anything to write home about, but I’m not really there for the coffee am I?

Ohana blasts a new feature flavour each week, as well as a doughnut of the month. My personal favourite so far started off as a weekly feature and is now the February DOM: the D’oh!nut. A Simpson’s inspired donut with strawberry icing and sprinkles. As an aside, if given the choice between two of the exact same donut of which one has sprinkles and one does not, you’re fucking lying to yourself if you’re telling me you’d pick the unsprinkled one. Sprinkles are not only visually stimulating, but titillating to the tongue. They add texture and create huge messes. Trust me, the best things in life are messy…like breakups.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that the donuts are customizable and made fresh to order? What about how they’re open early to late to account for your fat ass needing to crush doughnuts at any time of the day? Not only do they offer a variety of toppings, but offer cream and custard fillings, their most popular being the coconut cream exclusive to Ohana. I love that these doughnuts are often still hot, and I also love that they’re open extended hours. While DP, Moonshine, and Destination all offer elusive hours of operation, the accessibility thanks to their location and schedule put Ohana on another level.

Look, I’m not normally the kind of person to spend unnecessary time anywhere, but I was in no rush one particular evening and decided to sit down in the warm to eat my donut. It was quiet, but not uncomfortably so – the music and chatter is audible but not overwhelming. The playlist is curated to suit the relaxed island theme, and it’s warm and well lit (but not white and clinical). As a testament to the wonderful staff, on some one-off a couple of the donuts ended up coming out a little small, and myself and the other gentleman sitting down at the time were gifted with free doughnuts. Every visit to Ohana has been warm, welcoming, and wonderous. They’ve made an exceptionally loyal customer out of me.

Mahalo, Ohana. I truly feel like a part of the family.

Hunger: 1

Portion size: 2

Deliciousness: 8.5

Drunk n disorderly: 0

Overall: 8.3

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